Creating Draws

This article will take you through the process of creating draws. If you're more of a video person, check out this one, or just keep reading.

I. Creating Your Draws

After registration has closed, you can create your draws. To get started, click the "Event Desk" button on your event page: 

On the left side of the page, you’ll see the words Event Desk with three horizontal lines above it -- this is your Draws Drawer:

Move your mouse over those 3 horizontal lines to open the Draws Drawer. Here you can select a draw you'd like to use or click the  sign to create a new draw:

Pro Tip: Draws with a blue check mark () next to them in your Draws Drawer are published. For more on publishing and unpublishing draws, see Section V of this article.

To change the name or size of a draw, click "Edit" next to its name:

II. Managing Your Players Bank

In your Players Bank, you'll see all the players who registered for your event categorized under All, Not Placed, Placed, or Players Not in Draw. 

To move players from Players Not in Draw to a draw, you can either check the boxes to the left of their names and click "Add to Draw", or you can click the three dots to the right of their names and select "Add to Draw" from the dropdown menu. Either way, players will be moved to the Not Placed category:

Hint: To move players to another draw or to remove them from the draw you're working with, simply check the boxes next to their names and select "Move" or "Remove" from the top of the Players Bank:

Your full Players Bank will look something like this: 

III. Filling Your Draws

After you've populated your Players Bank, you can either set up matches manually or -- for all formats other than Matchplay -- you can click "Auto-Fill" to fill the draw automatically:

If you choose autofill, you'll see a message like this:

When you click "Confirm Auto-Fill Draw", the draw will be automatically filled and players will be matched up. Want to make changes? No problem. Click the player’s name in the match you’d like to swap out and use the drop-down to make a new selection:

IV. Setting Match Location, Date, and Time

Once you have the players placed in the draw to your liking, you can enter times, dates, and locations for the matches. 

Pro Tip: Be sure you have first selected either "Match Sheet" or "Order of Play" from the "Schedule" section of the Event Desk in order to set the match location, date, and times!

You have the option to do this by round by clicking "Set Location" and "Date &  Time" at the top of each Round, or by individual matches by clicking "Set Date & Time" and "Set Location", found at the top and bottom of each match box, respectively:

When choosing either option, you will see a box appear to set the Date & Time and Location:

V. Publishing and Un-Publishing Your Draws

Publishing draws makes them visible to anyone viewing the main event page. When you're ready to make your draws public, click the "Publish" button on the top right of the page:

From the pop-up window, select each draw you'd like to Publish. Note that unselected draws will remain unpublished

Hint: Just like publishing draws places them on your event page, un-publishing will remove them. To un-publish a draw, simply click the Publish button again, uncheck the boxes of the draws you'd like to un-publish, and click Publish to save your choices. Only draws checked off in this pop-up window will continue to be published.

VI. Viewing and Printing Your Draws from the Event Page

When you're done and you've clicked "Publish", you'll be taken to your event's homepage, where you can scroll down and click on the “Draws” tab to view or print your draws. If you've published more than one draw, clicking on the small arrow next to the draw name will open a drop-down for you to choose between draws to view:

Pro Tip: Clicking on "Print" will open up a printable view of your draws. Again, if there are multiple published draws in your event, you can select which you'd like to print by clicking the small arrow next to the draw name in print view. When the draw you'd like to print is showing on your screen, simply hit ctrl+p (or cmd (⌘)+p if you're on a mac) to send to your printer or save as a PDF.

Congrats, you've just created your Draw!

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