Withdrawing and Refunding a Player

To withdraw and/or refund a player through your Event page, click on the Players tab to view all players who are registered for your event and click the More Button (three dots next to the player's payment status), you will have the option to Manage entry fees. 

Within the Manage option you’ll be able to complete the following actions for the player Withdraw And Refund, Withdraw Without Refunding, or Refund Only:

Once you select the action you’d like to take for the player click Next and it will complete the selected action.

Pro-Tip: Withdrawing a player will remove them from all the divisions they had registered for in the event (ex. singles and doubles) if there isn’t a registration fee set for one, or more, of the divisions. In these cases, the player can then re-register afterward if they would like to only play in one division.  

How do I issue partial refunds?

You can do this through your Stripe Dashboard. To access your dashboard, you'll need to sign in to your Stripe account. Once signed in you'll navigate to the Payments Tab and select the player you wish to issue a partial refund to.

Pro tip: The players' names won't appear within the payments tab, only their email addresses. You can cross-check this information by Exporting Players through your event page. The emails will be consistent between the Export Players Sheet and Stripe.

Once on the payment page click the Refund button at the top right corner of the page.

Input the amount you wish to refund and click the Refund button.

Note: Verified fees are automatically refunded to the player

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