Overview: Creating an Event

In this article, you'll be walked through the overview process of creating your event. You will be guided accordingly every step of the way. 

From your Club page, click Create Event. You have two options when creating events - Event Templates or Start From Scratch.


Option 1: Event Templates


Event Templates allow you to get started creating popular events right away. You can preview any of the templates to see what your event will look like. Once you've found the template you'd like to use, click 'Create' and the template will automatically fill the match type, division draw types, and event details in your events overview section, and more. All you need to do is fill out details that are unique to your club and event, like price, location, event dates, etc. 


Pro Tip: Event Templates create one division automatically. You can add multiple divisions by clicking the 'Add a Divison' button near the bottom of Step 1. You can create a level-based singles division and a level-based doubles division all within one event.


Event Details (Step 3) will describe the event based on the template you've selected. Be sure to add any details you'd like your players to know prior to registering.


Option 2: Start From Scratch


If your preferred event format is not available on the event template choices, you can create your own and start from scratch. You’ll get to choose the event type, design the division format, compose your own event details, and more.  

When creating a new event, you'll be led through 4 Steps to complete before you'll be able to either save the event as a draft or publish your event, making it viewable by anyone:


Step 1: Format & Schedule

Step 2: Registration Divisions

Step 3: Details

Step 4: Health and Safety


Note: If you have not yet completed your payment account setup for the club, you will also see Step 5 with a link to complete those details before publishing your first event. For full instructions, check this article.


Pro Tip: While completing these steps, you can always save your progress at any time by clicking Save Draft at the top right of the event creation page. Events in Draft mode are only viewable by club providers. You can come back and finalize your draft event whenever you're ready.

Once you're done, we can help you market your event. Check this article for the available marketing support options.

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