Junior National Pathway: FAQs

Most Common Questions
Q: Why can't I register?
A: Check that you have a region set on your profile.
Q: What time do matches start?
A: Matches start on the first day at 8:00am or 9:30am depending on where the player is placed in the draw.
Q: When are the finals played?
A: Finals are played between 8:00am and 12:00pm depending on court availability.
Q: Hotel recommendations?
A: You can find hotel recommendations (if available) in the Overview tab of the event.
Q: What about COVID-19 Protocols?
A: Protocols are subject to state mandates. Masks aren't required to play and we do not require a PCR test.
Q: What about the Las Vegas National?
A: Players that win their regional are automatically registered for free. Players that want to register without having won their regional need to register and pay.
Q: What if I want a wildcard?
A: You can apply for the wildcard HERE. We review all applications and the selected player will be notified via email.
Q: Where can I watch the matches online?
A: Streaming details will be sent via email within a few days of the event. You can also find streaming details on the event page.
Q: Will college coaches be watching?
A: Yes! We send invitations to all college coaches in the US, so they have the information for watching the matches online. They can also re-watch the recordings as needed.

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