Stripe - Payment Account for Providers on the Universal Tennis Marketplace

Stripe is the payment platform used for running Universal Tennis Events and is required in order to successfully receive payments from event registrants.

Pro Tip:  When setting up your Stripe account, if you’re working with Universal Tennis through your business, then remember to use your company’s banking details, rather than your own personal information. If you're an individual provider, you can use your personal banking information or another account that you use for your business.

Step 1

Paid Hitters: Navigate to your Profile and click Edit Profile

Clubs, Academies, High School or College Providers: Navigate to your  Digital Club page, click the More Button, and select Events Payment Account.

Step 2: Now you’ll be directed to input details in order to connect your Stripe account. Make sure you have all of the following information handy in order to complete the setup successfully.

Business Details
Business Address and Phone Number
Employer Identification Number
Business website
Business description

Individual or Sole Proprietor Details*

*Requirements may vary for international customers outside of the United States.

Full name
Phone number
Date of birth
Last 4 digits of Social Security number
Home address
Credit Card Statement Details
Statement descriptor
Support phone number
Bank Details
Routing number
Account number
Confirm account number

Step 3: Click the Create Stripe Account Button/Set-Up Stripe button.

Step 4: Input your personal and/or company information details, and banking details in the corresponding fields and click the Authorize Access To This Account Button at the bottom of the page.

Complete Authorizing Access to your account and you are ready to go!

You can check the article about Stripe's fees here.

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