How do I cancel my UTR Event?

If for any reason you need to cancel an event, no worries, just follow the steps below!

First, you will want to contact all players who are currently registered for the event and let them know of the cancellation. To do so, select Message Players on the event page.  You will then be able to write a message to all of your players and let them know the event is canceled with just one click.

After notifying players, you will also need to withdraw and refund all necessary players. To do so, click the More Button (that appears as three vertical dots) by their name on the player list and choose Withdraw. 

You will then check the Refund Box to also refund the player.

If no one ever registered for the event, you can delete it completely. (Please note, this won't work if people have registered for the event, even if you've now withdrawn them.) To Unpublish/Delete your event, click the More Button (appears as three horizontal dots) on the event page and click Unpublish Event.

After you have Unpublished your event, your event has now been canceled. If there were any registrants that you withdrew and refunded, the event will still show as an Unpublished event on your Club page - it will not be completely removed from the system. 

For more information on events, click HERE.

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